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If Apple made space shuttles...

2009-06-23 13:37:17 by Andy-Parker

Anyone with an iPhone will know that the 3.0 software recently came out. I think what it made most obvious was that Apple had got so wrapped up in making their magic phone that supposedly does everything, and forgot some incredibly basic features.
Also, coupled with that recent launch by NASA I got to wondering what would happen if Apple branched out into the space shuttle industry?

Anyway booyah for having mms now.

If Apple made space shuttles...


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2009-06-23 14:07:39

i really really really hate apple.


2009-06-23 14:09:51

Don't we all Oney? Don't we all -.-


2009-06-23 14:14:10

The Ispace, Ipod compatible with a apple computer allowing you to talk with friends from space on the best 3G network.


2009-06-23 14:21:53

That's a funny comic strip...
Yeah I think apple is pretty gay


2009-06-23 14:36:39

I like apple, it doesn't have any virus' and doesn't crash every 10 minutes. But I love that comic.


2009-06-23 15:06:36

Im buying the Iphone anyway (when my current phone expires) cause its cheaper and you can do alot more with it


2009-06-23 15:10:04

I like Apple, they make things that are useful for what I want to do with a computer... which does not include gaming. Anyway, I still like the comic!


2009-06-23 20:15:39

I think if Apple made space shuttles, they honestly would look like giant plastic dil-- never mind.


2009-06-24 00:35:07

Hmm..what basic features did they leave out? It's a phone isn't it? I mean, honestly, how more basic can you get? Don't knock things for no reason. Either you dont have one, or you're just a very immature person who just likes to knock things on the internet for all the wrong reasons. Good day sir

Andy-Parker responds:

well for one, its unreasonable to sell any phone these days that doesn't have mms. maybe 5 years ago you could have gotten away with it, but now its a pretty basic feature.
on top of that, a "smart" phone not having a copy/paste function is pretty ridiculous.

saying "its a phone, what more do you want" doesn't apply when you are talking about something that costs $800 and has been hyped up as the greatest thing since the moon landings.

don't get me wrong, the iphone was great for other reasons, and even before the update i wouldn't have traded it for something else, but they made some rookie mistakes.


2009-06-24 08:47:34

Wait... do space shuttles even have landing "gear"?

Andy-Parker responds:

landing gear is the wheels on the bottom that fold out so you can land.


2009-06-24 09:33:51

That sucks. My $20 phone has mms... but not cool gadgetry (unless you count the EZ tip calculator) [[badass]]
I'm really surprised that noone has rocked apples world digitally since the whole world went from not having one to every0ne having one in their pockets, plugged in their ears, and on their laps.. that'd wipe the smug off their faces :shakes fist:
h4x ne1?


2009-06-24 10:25:36

I'm not going to rant on why Apple sux so much (made a list, it's endless) and score some of those "immature, not knowing what you're talking about" kind of comments.
I just want to state the fact that although I grew up using Windows systems and loved them from the start I have NOT been prejudiced towards Apple products when I began using them. At one point though, I had to use Macs, and I thought "Hey, why not, it's a new experience, can't be that bad".
Shite, was I wrong.
Yes, I do know what I'm talking about and there are lots of very basic things just plain wrong with the Mac OS concepts and I painfully had to learn that lesson since I was reliant on using them. Hence my hate for Apple products and I'm in no way surprised that their other stuff comes with issues as well.
Still, I never got to deal with Ibooks or Iphones or whatever gizmos they shat out so far since I cannot come to think of why someone in their right mind would pay such rediculous amounts of money to afford the brand, not the tool.
If you buy Apple, knowing what it is, you're a fanboy/girl and shit hits the fan.
Just heard there's lots of sites on the net dedicated to hating Apple.
Guess I'll check some out and contribute.


2009-07-08 11:36:07



2009-07-21 06:41:44

Thats hilarious! Did you make that yourself? If so, great job. If not, props to whoever did.