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Fuck you Doritos

2009-05-08 20:28:46 by Andy-Parker

So I entered the Australian Doritos 'You make it, we play it' competition which basically requires you to make an ad for Doritos and the winner gets theirs on TV. (See my entry here).

I did it with a friend and given our other commitments we were sort of forced to do the whole thing in the weekend leading up to the competition closed (not including the prior weeks of writing, storyboaring etc), but that being said I think it turned out pretty damn good. A lot of people who watched it said we had a chance of making the top 10 but to be honest I never thought this was the case, not because I thought our entry was crap just because we had some tough competition. And friends tend to be polite about this sort of thing.

But I get an email yesterday from Doritos saying "your creation didn't make the Top 50". This was a massive blow to me. Anyone who has seen the other entries (*instructions on how to do this are at the bottom of the post) will know that you would be hard pressed to find fifty entries that aren't just some wanky kids playing with their handycam.

I really don't care that much about not being in the top ten, and if it were just that I would let it be and move on to another project, but being put below this sort of half-assed crap is just insulting.

Due to work and university commitments I rarely get the opportunity to animate these days, so when I do I put a lot of soul into it. But this has been a clear indicator to me that what I perceive as quality work, and the way I view my own work, is contrary to everybody else's opinion. It seems as though I would get better results if I took a cheap video camera and filmed my brother acting like a dickhead.

Because of this, I'm stopping doing any sort of recreational animating. All the projects I am working on are indefinitely postponed, and the only time I will use Flash is for work, which mainly consists of making graphs and never anything creative.

I'm not being melodramatic (or trying not to be) but this whole incident has been a massive blow to my confidence, and I really don't feel like putting effort into anything like this for at least a few months.

I'm sure most of you won't care and to a lot of people this will just sound like someone having a bitch because they lost a competition. But I think I explained myself pretty well.

*How to view the other entries:
1- go to the Doritos Australia site
2- click "vote now"
3- click "all entries"

PS: The reason my entry isn't posted on NG is because there are a lot of filters which make it lag as an swf. Otherwise I wouldn't make people go to youTube.


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2009-05-08 20:32:17

Stop whining and keep making flash.


2009-05-08 20:36:44

you should have won..
or you know, at LEAST top 50...

who wouldva known thered even be 50 entries?
what a sham! :p


2009-05-08 20:45:27

Okay, this actually forced me to log in for the first time in like .. forever.. srsly only ever logged this account like twice before .... but... I read this... and thought "hrmm some guy whining 'cause doritos turned his add away" ..... then I watched the add that you made, and ended up eating doritos as it actually really did make me crave them, I loved the add you made.. so I went onto the site and looked at the Top 10, In all honesty after watching my thought are "Why The Hell Is This Add Not On TV" In all seriousness I think the add you made is one of the best adds I have ever seen. Doritos are seriously fucked up for not putting your add to an instant win.


2009-05-08 21:08:45



2009-05-08 21:13:39

dude its a lame competition, get over it


2009-05-08 21:14:58

Your video was done before, I've seen one just like it on tv.


2009-05-08 21:16:07

Dude your ad was good. It looked professionally done and it looked like a real commercial. And it was pretty funny. The thing that the execs probly didn't like was the very last line "the delicious and useful snack." I dont see them adopting that as a slogan. Its pretty lame. No offense. Should've used "innovative" or something.


2009-05-08 21:22:29

damn, thats some REALLY bad luck for you. I could have looked forward to seeing that animation on my tv and saying "Hey! I know that guy!"
damn retards. keep making flash, andy


2009-05-08 21:49:34

If I let shit like that kick me off the horse, I would've been on my arse years ago.

Get back on. Stop whining.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go buy a big bag of supreme cheese doritos.


2009-05-08 22:12:39



2009-05-08 22:30:11

wow, that was good man. idk how you didnt make it man.
so yeah =/
right now im i na bad mood cause ididnt get to get stoned with a homie eailer and gotta do it some time soon and its lateee


2009-05-08 22:34:50

I actually know how you feel, roughly. I entered a flash animation just this past week in a provincial (Canadian state) contest about the environment. Everyone else is doing it with a real-time camera.

The results still aren't in, but I have low expectations. They probably won't take it seriously.

Plus I still have to submit it here, but I have to learn how to put transitions in flash. (I had to do it with an editing program.

Oh yeah, the winner gets a $1200 laptop.


2009-05-08 22:39:45

haha, then at the end, you die. lmao


2009-05-08 22:47:53

i think u didnt get that far cuz it was more funny than serious wich is probly what kind of thing they wanted


2009-05-09 01:02:08



2009-05-09 01:35:09

Such is life...


2009-05-09 02:50:29

Who knows, there might have been some strong competition.

Like this guy, who must be in the same contest: /494630


2009-05-09 03:18:20

Yeah mine didn't make it either but go make yourself useful and vote for one of the flash entries that made the top 10.


2009-05-09 08:34:03

who the fuck cares about a stupid contest get over it you bitch stop being a crybaby


2009-06-21 11:41:28

Here, the Doritos ad is a guy who says to a girl "you wanna go somewhere... relaxed?" and they go sit in a couch, then he says "Let's go somewhere a bit more... intimate" so they sit under a table, the girl leaves angry and a huge white lettered sign with a Doritos box next to it says JUST SAY LET'S FUCK

Great ad you made there, it's a shame you didn't win. I'm checking the winners, they better be damn good.