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It's so damn hot!

2009-02-07 09:56:42 by Andy-Parker

So apparently today was the hottest temperature ever recorded in my city. It got up over 46 degrees apparently. (That's about 115 in farenheight for all you people still stuck with the imperial system). And with this recent hot weather I've been pining to get back down to the surf. (Going back for a week on Monday, woooo!). Anyway this lack of quality beach time made me start doodling in flash, and eventually i came up with this 6 second frame by frame of a guy riding a wave. With a little bit of tweaking I made it fit the specs for the In my arms Collab which I recently joined, and now they're going to include it.

Anyway there's a screenshot attached and you can watch it here. I know it looks basic but keep in mind I did it in about a day. And the whole thing is done from scratch, no rotoscoping for me thankyou.

Other than that I've been working a fair bit, so haven't had much time for recreational animating. But keep watching this space, you never know what might happen.

As a result of the recent weather, my state has witnessed the worst bushfire season on record. My thoughts go out to all who have lost their homes and to the friends and families of the deceased.

It's so damn hot!


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2009-02-07 11:15:40

Oh, you tricked me!!
I thought I was gonna see something sexy...


2009-02-07 11:37:26

see its 45 degrees farenheit here in ohio...thats really warm compared to the blizzards weve been having...BTW thanks for chasers war on everything...great show lol


2009-02-07 12:05:31

It's cold as hell up here, let me check out the window... yup, got to go shovel... :(


2009-02-07 12:29:24

It's winter here, asshole. Fuck you and your hot summer.


2009-02-07 12:35:49

you jerk flaunting your warm weather
wednesday its was -33 without the windchill
and thats celsius
and I had to work that night

I wish I was in Autralia :(


2009-02-07 14:49:41

but wait....isn't it winter?

damn u australians and ur confusing seasons.


2009-02-07 15:03:32

It's freezing here. :(


2009-02-07 15:10:16

It's cold here. What, 22 degrees farenheit.


2009-02-07 16:11:15

We've got freakin' snow. We NEVER get snow. Fuck you and your awesome summer >:C

Damn England.... :/


2009-02-07 19:17:35

You must be in Adelaide, I've been having the same weather and GOD I'm sick of it >:(


2009-02-07 19:38:10

46? fuck! i barely survived 40 in my country!
but you must have a conditioner, I don't!


2009-02-07 21:38:21

Take your panties off. I'll show you hot.


2009-02-08 05:32:56

Yeah you guys were having a heatwave, i checked on alertmap and now there is 2 forest fires.
next: Aliens

(Updated ) Andy-Parker responds:

there are a lot more than two. it's one of the worst bushfire seasons in a number of decaedes.

EDIT: Actually it's the worst bushfire season on record. Sadly there have been a number of fatalities.