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New Screenshot!

2009-01-24 20:30:59 by Andy-Parker

Time for another screenshot. Unfortunately this part looks a lot better when its moving, having taken about 3 days to make on it when it only goes for about 2 seconds, but you'll have to wait and see. Looks like some red mixed in with all the black and white though... hmmm.

Anyway since I'm giving you guys a screenshot I'll let you in on some more movie news. The movie is kind of a music video. It's set to one song with no other talking or sound, but it doesn't strictly follow the song, as the song doesnt strictly have a storyline. The movie however does. So don't worry it won't just be one of those annoying music video flashes with a guy animated playing guitar and what not.

Check back from time to time and you might find out more news, maybe even what song it is.... maybe even a swf preview.

New Screenshot!


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2009-02-05 00:11:16

Hello Andy-Parker!!! Nice screen shot!! I can use many words here, so... yeah! What's up?!?! Looks like you've been busy!! :D I've just been hanging in the Art forum... kinda slacking in the flash dept. But a friend is planning a 'Battle' with some other site, so I might help with that! Maybe I can drag you into the shuffle! :D fun times!!!!

Good luck with your project, and don't be a stranger!!!! <3


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