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Screen Shots!

2008-12-20 22:41:28 by Andy-Parker

Well I figured I'd start posting some screenshots from the movie I'm making to give you viewers a taste of what's to come. Depending how fast I work on this game, I might even release one per day. Also if you're lucky I might provide clues as to what the movie is about. But for now, here is the first screen shot.

Screen Shots!


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2008-12-20 22:46:35

The first 2 guys look pretty good, but the third guy not having 2 hands seems a little bit off.. was it on purpose or did you forget?

Andy-Parker responds:

He is holding the gun with his right hand, it's just a little difficult to tell from the angle. but its all moving at a fast pace so you won't notice. as for the left hand i didn't put one in partly because I was being lazy. I wasn't sure if it would matter but since you've said that I tihnk i'll go back and add one a bit later.

cheers for the comment


2008-12-29 21:56:26

Hello, Andy-Parker!! How goes it?! lol :D

Andy-Parker responds:

hey ReNaeNae long time no speak! how was your christmas? i'm just hanging around town waiting for new years, then i'm off camping with the family for beaches and fun. you got anything planned?