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Updated User Page (Finally)

2008-12-17 08:39:51 by Andy-Parker

So as you can see I finally got around to spicing up my user page with a new image... I also made a banner thing and I'm pretty sure I uploaded it, but I can't find it! Also you may or may not notice that the picture and banner contain images that aren't from any movies I've released. Could they be from a project I'm working on now?...

(I'll give you a hint, they are!)

So look forward to that coming in January maybe, also there might be a flash game coming out soon that I did all the artwork for, if I can get around to finishing it. So look out for that too.

Other than that keep your eyes out for other releases by me, I've got a list of 5 projects and a few more floating around in my head, so I promise something by the end of this summer.

And remember, don't cross the streams!

EDIT: Okay so the banner should be up above this thing. Wooot!


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2008-12-17 08:52:46

wow nice update. I come here every day and it looks better than ever!